Woman shares 32p hack to get your taps sparkling in minutes without any scrubbing

Cleaning the bathroom is often one of the most hated household chores with all the stubborn stains and grime that can be a struggle to remove.

From toothpaste and shaving gel to soap and limescale, taps are often left with build-up over time no matter how often they’re cleaned.

Fortunately, a cleaning pro has shared a simple and easy trick that can help get your taps looking brand new again with minimal effort and cost.

TikTok cleaning expert Carolina McCauley shared a handy video with several quick and easy hacks to make cleaning your bathroom a breeze, but one stuck out for its simplicity.

While many will be all-too-familiar with scrubbing away around taps with toothbrushes, cleaning rags and sponges in the hopes of removing build-up and unsightly stains, her method uses zero elbow grease.

She wrote: “To remove hard water stains from taps, use cleaning cloths soaked in vinegar.”

That’s right, all you need to do is fill a bowl with enough vinegar to soak a cleaning cloth in. You can get a bottle of distilled vinegar from Aldi for as little as 58p, which means you’ll no longer have to spend a fortune on fancy cleaning products.

Using an old but clean cloth, soak this in the vinegar until the cloth is coated and soaked. Then, roll the cloth up and wrap it around the base of the taps and leave it to do its magic.

After five to 10 minutes, remove the cloth and give it a wipe to remove any residue. You’ll now have dazzling taps without all the scrubbing you previously had to do.

The savvy cleaner also shared tips on how to clean your bathtub and using a mattress lifter to make changing your bedsheets a breeze.

For her bathtub cleaning trick, she squirted a liberal amount of shaving foam, bottles of which can be picked up for just 70p from Tesco, over the base of the tub.

The TikTok user then used a mop and water to wipe the surfaces before rinsing away the foamy water to reveal a bright white bath.

She said: “It will be shiny and smells amazing.”

And, if you’re fed up of holding your heavy mattress up while changing and tucking in your sheets, she suggests buying a nifty mattress lifter.

The tool slots in, between the mattress and bed base, to form a gap allowing you to tuck in your sheets with ease.