Touching moment Ukraine soldier finds pile of puppies protecting adorable kittens

A Ukrainian soldier has been rescuing stray animals in the war-torn country and melting hearts on TikTok.

A clip shared on the app by Yaroslav Lutsyshyn shows a pile of puppies protecting a cat and her newborn kittens, while another shows the cats and dogs, once grown, sharing a bowl of food together.

Yaroslav is seen talking sweetly to the protective puppies and pets them to try to earn their trust.

The post has been viewed 4.2 million times and racked up 723,000 likes.

One person commented: “They’ve all grown since then, you are doing a great job looking after them.”

“Adorable. You guys are so awesome,” said another user.

Someone else said: “What a lovely voice so soothing to those beautiful pups.”

“The author is the sweetest person in the universe,” another viewer commented.

Another user said: “This is the voice of the kindest person in the world.”

When fleeing the war, many people took their pets with them and many images emerged of people walking among the rubble and dodging bullets with small dogs or cats bundled in their arms.

But some weren’t able to and hundreds, if not thousands, of pets in Ukraine have been left abandoned due to the protocol for the non-commercial movement of companion animals into the EU.

In May, a huge effort was underway to rescue thousands of pets from Ukraine, amid reports starving Russian soldiers resorted to eating cats, dogs and rabbits.

Kate Klymenko, a veterinary assistant in a rescue shelter, spoke to the Mirror in May about the rising number of abandoned animals.

She said: “Due to the war, there are so many abandoned dogs and cats in Ukraine now. A lot of infrastructure doesn’t exist anymore and some shelters were destroyed.

“A lot of owned dogs got lost and the number is slowly increasing.

“Before the war, we had dog population management programmes working in almost every city of Ukraine and now this work has had to be stopped for an unclear period of time.

“The people and also animals are suffering.”